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3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais)

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Inscrit le: 13 Jan 2009
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MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Fév - 12:57 (2009)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais) Répondre en citant

There's a very good chance 3.1 will be hitting the PTR soon, so I wanted to recap everything we've learned so far in a "patch notes" style layout. These are not the 3.1 patch notes, it's a compilation of information we've been told or found, formatted in patch note style.

Some of this stuff may not be in the patch notes, but Blizzard has stated their intention to implement it in 3.1 if at all possible.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.0 Details

Ulduar has been added to the game in both 10 and 25-player formats. Players can find a slew of new encounters, achievements, and epic items in both the 10 and 25-player versions. (Source)

"Hard Mode" Achievements: Many of the bosses in 10 and 25-player Ulduar will be involved in "Hard Mode" achievements, similar to those found in the Sartharion, the Onyx Guardian encounter. Completing these achievements will offer additional, improved item rewards as well as titles and mounts in some cases. (Source 1, Source 2)
An optional, "Hard Mode" boss can be found in Ulduar. This boss is tuned to be extremely challenging to even the highest skilled players. (Source)
A new tier of epic items are now available for purchase with Emblem of Conquest, found in the 25-player version of Ulduar. (Source)
Emblem of Valor/Naxx 25 (item level 213) quality items can be found in the 10-player version of Ulduar. (Source)
A new Dual Spec system has been added to the game, allowing players to maintain more than one talent spec, glyph set, and action bar layout at a time. (Source)
Max-level players may access this system after visiting their trainer and paying a one-time fee.
Switching between talent specs requires access to a Lexicon of Power. These Lexicons can be found in any major city, as well as summoned via an item created by scribes.
Players are unable to switch specs while in combat, or while in Arenas, but may view the second talent spec at any time.
Choosing to respec your talents will only respec the currently active talent set.

Mana Regeneration has been altered to make mana management more important for caster classes. This includes the reduction of mana regeneration when outside of the 5-second casting rule. (Source)
Ammo stack sizes have been greatly increased, removing the need for quivers and ammo pouches. Haste granted by quivers and ammo pouches will be introduced in another fashion. (Source)
Mounts have been modified so that you are no longer dismounted when traversing water. (Source)
User Interface
A new Gear Manager has been added to allow players to manage multiple sets of equipment. (Source)
The Glyph UI has been modified to support the new Dual Spec system. (Source)
You can now plan out your talent spec completely before your spec is saved. (Source)
A new recipe has been added to create an item which summons a Lexicon of Power. (Source)
Player versus Player
Lake Wintergrasp
A new wing has been added to the Vault of Archavon that contains an Ulduar-level challenge for players who capture the zone. The 10-player version will drop Deadly Gladiator items, while the 25-player version will drop Furious Gladiator items, except for the chest slot. (Source)
Arena Season 6
Hateful Gladiator armor set pieces are now available for purchase with Honor points in the Stormwind / Orgrimmar PvP barracks. (Source)
Deadly Gladiator honor rewards no longer require personal or team rating to purchase. (Source)
Furious Gladiator's Tabard has been added to Arena reward vendors, requiring a personal and team rating of 2300. This is a purely cosmetic item. (Source)
Rating requirements for the 10-player equivalent Arena rewards have been reduced to make them more obtainable. In addition, a new tier of items, the Furious Gladiator pieces, are now available for purchase. These items require personal and team ratings, as well as a variety of honor and arena points. (Source)
1300+: Deadly Relics/Idols/Librams/Totems
1350+: Deadly Gloves
1400+: Deadly Legs
1450+: Deadly Chest
1500+: Deadly Helm
1550+: Deadly Shoulders
1400+: Furious Bracer (honor)
1450+: Furious Belt (honor)
1500+: Furious Boots (honor)
1550+: Furious Neck (honor)
1600+: Furious Gloves
1650+: Furious Ring (honor)
1700+: Furious Legs
1750+: Furious Chest
1800+: Furious Trinket (honor)
1850+: Furious Helm
1900+: Furious Cape (honor)
1950+: Furious Wands/Relics/etc
2000+: Furious Weapon
2100+: Furious Shoulders

Death Knight (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Blood Boil now deals damage even if the target has no diseases. Targets with diseases on them take additional damage.
Blood Gorged now grants armor penetration instead of expertise.
Blood of the North has been reduced to 3 ranks: Increases Blood Strike damage by 5/10/15%. In addition, whenever you hit with Blood Strike or Pestilence there is a 33/66/100% chance that the Blood Rune will become a Death Rune when it activates.
Magic Suppression has been reduced to 3 ranks for the same benefit.
Pestilence has been redesigned to no longer deal damage, and will only spread diseases from your current target to those around them.
Sudden Doom has been redesigned. It now procs a free Death Coil rather than requiring an additional button click.
Summon Gargoyle is now a 51-point talent. The Gargoyle's damage has been increased and Runic Power cost per second has been decreased.
The Frost tree has seen some shuffling of talents. PvP Death Knights should find it much easier to get Endless Winter if they are primarily speced Blood or Unholy. Other talents have changed places as well.
Unbreakable Armor has been redesigned to absorb damage, rather than increase armor. This damage absorption increases based on your armor value.
Unholy Blight is now a 21-point talent.

Druid (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Faerie Fire now reduces armor by 5%.
Replenish – to avoid confusion, this talent has been renamed “Revitalize.” It now also works with Wild Growth.
Savage Defense - this is a new passive ability. When a druid in Dire Bear form deals a melee critical strike, the druid gains a damage shield equal to 25% of their attack power. The next hit completely removes the shield regardless of how much damage was done.
Survival Instincts now works in Moonkin form.
Survival of the Fittest has had its bonus armor reduced.
Sustained damage for Cat form has been improved.
Thorns and Nature’s Grasp can now be cast in Tree of Life form.

Hunter (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
A new ability to allow Hunters to access their stable from anywhere in the world has been added. (Source)
Pet Talent respec costs have been removed. (Source)
Additional trap functionality has been added to the Survival tree.
A new tier of hunter pet talents have been added. In particular, this allows Beastmaster hunters to improve their damage per second (DPS) with their 51 point talent.
Hunting Party - this talent has been reduced to 3 ranks and also grants a passive bonus to the hunter.
Piercing Shots - this talent has been changed. Your Aimed, Steady and Chimera Shots cause the target to bleed for 10/20/30% of damage dealt for 8 sec.
Sniper Training - this talent has been changed. After standing still for 6 sec, you gain a 2/4/6% damage bonus to Steady, Aimed and Explosive Shot.

Mage (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Frost spec Mages will find Ice Lance to be much more involved in Shatter combos in PvE.
Improved Water Elemental - this talent has been removed and replaced with a new talent that grants Replenishment (similar to Shadow priests).
Spirit has been changed to be an attractive attribute for all Mages, regardless of talent spec.
Survivability in PvP for Fire spec Mages has been improved.

Paladin (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Ardent Defender, Improved Hammer of Justice, One-Handed Weapon Specialization and more have had their ranks reduced.
Blessing of Kings - this spell is now a base ability trainable by all paladins.
Divine Plea - the healing done penalty has been increased from 20% to 50%. (Source)
Exorcism - this spell now causes damage to all types of enemy targets. However, it always critical strikes undead or demon targets. This change should make sure paladin damage doesn’t drop when going from Naxxramas to later tiers of content.
Guarded by the Light - no longer reduces the mana cost of shield spells, but now has a 50/100% chance to refresh Divine Plea duration.
Judgements of the Just - now also reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 10/20 seconds and increases the duration of the Seal of Justice stun effect by 0.5/1 second.
Shield of the Templar now causes your Avenger’s Shield and Shield of the Righteousness to silence targets for 3 sec. The old damage bonus of this talent has been folded into Holy Shield, Avenger’s Shield, and Shield of the Righteousness.

Priest (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Circle of Healing now heals for more.
Dispersion now removes snares.
Divine Spirit – this spell is now a core ability available to all priests.
Holy Nova has had its mana cost reduced.
Penance – this spell can now be targeted on the priest.
Power Word: Barrier has been added to the Discipline tree. (Think of it as Power Word: Shield for your whole group)
Prayer of Healing can now be cast on any groups in your raid party.
Serendipity – this talent now reduces the cast time of Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing when Binding Heal or Flash Heal are cast.
Shadowform now reduces magic as well as physical damage.
The Holy tree now has improved PvP survivability.

Rogue (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Adrenaline Rush – the cooldown on this ability has been lowered.
Hunger for Blood - instead of a self-buff, this ability can only be used when there is a bleed effect on the target. However, it has no stacks and grants a 15% damage bonus.
Killing Spree – while this ability is active, the rogue does 20% additional damage.
Lightning Reflexes – reduced to 3 ranks. In addition to 2/4/6% dodge, this talent now also grants 4/7/10% passive melee haste.
Mace Specialization – this talent now grants haste in addition to armor penetration.
Savage Combat – now causes 2/4% physical damage done.

Shaman (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Chain Lightning – now jumps to 4 targets but does less damage. We wanted to make the distinction between Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning more clear.
Spirit Weapons – now reduces all threat, not just melee threat.
Storm, Earth and Fire – this talent now increases all damage done by Flame Shock, not just periodic damage.
Unleashed Rage – reduced to 2 ranks, now also increases your critical strike chance with melee attacks by 1/2%.
The Elemental and Enhancement trees now have improved PvP survivability.
Totem streamlining: The Mana Spring and Healing Stream Totems have been combined. The Disease Cleansing and Poison Cleansing Totems have been combined.

Warlock (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Additional new talents have been added.
Consume Shadows – this Voidwalker ability is no longer channeled but has a cooldown.
Curse of Recklessness and Curse of Weakness have been combined into one spell
Drain Soul now has a chance to produce Soul Shards even if the target doesn’t die.
Improved Shadow Bolt – this talent now provides a 5% spell critical strike buff (similar to Improved Scorch).
Improved Soul Leech – this talent now provides Replenishment (similar to shadow priests)
Several other warlock talents have had their ranks reduced, their effects changed or removed. This list includes but is not limited to Demonic Empathy, Shadow Embrace, Eradication, Suppression, and Pandemic.
Siphon Life no longer as an active ability but the talent grants the old Siphon Life effect to Corruption.

Warrior (Skills / Talents / Glyphs) (Source)
Blood Frenzy now causes 2/4% physical damage done.
Changing stances now has a much reduced cost: you lose a maximum of 20 rage (10 with Tactical Mastery). For example, if you have 100 rage and change stances, you will have 80 rage remaining. If you have 10 rage and change stances, all of your rage is lost. In addition, we may change the penalties associated with some stances.
Sunder Armor (and similar debuffs) now reduces armor by 4% per application, and is now a single rank. Creature armor has been globally reduced so that debuffed targets should take about the same damage from physical attacks that they did before this change. The net effect should be that this debuff is slightly less mandatory in PvE and is not disproportionately more powerful against cloth targets in PvP.
You now gain rage when damage done to you is absorbed, such as through a Power Word: Shield.
We are also adding increased damage to Arms, possibly through Overpower or Slam.
We are also looking at granting rage when the warrior blocks, dodges or parries.

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MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Fév - 12:57 (2009)    Sujet du message: Publicité

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Inscrit le: 13 Jan 2009
Messages: 843
Localisation: Devant son PC

MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Fév - 14:17 (2009)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais) Répondre en citant

Yes but "Where is Brian" ?
**LoOSER member club**

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Inscrit le: 13 Jan 2009
Messages: 1 178

MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Fév - 16:33 (2009)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais) Répondre en citant

Tu gagnes de la rage quand t'as un bouclier de prêtre et qu'on te tape.

Tu perds 20 de rage quand tu changes de stance... Imba pour arène.

A ulduar 10 tu trouves de l'équipement de valeur à naxx25.

C'est tout ce que tu dois savoir toi Wink

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Inscrit le: 13 Jan 2009
Messages: 843
Localisation: Devant son PC

MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Fév - 19:09 (2009)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais) Répondre en citant

Donc si je récapitule :

1) Je m'en tappe

2) Je m'en tape encore plus

3) No need Ulduar 10 alors, on attaque le 25? Razz
**LoOSER member club**

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Inscrit le: 15 Jan 2009
Messages: 665
Localisation: Cambrai (59)

MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Fév - 19:16 (2009)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais) Répondre en citant

y'a pas marqué une date prévus? je suis pas doué en anglais donc je demande j'ai survoler le sujet histoire de choper des infos compréhensible et les plus importante mais j'ai pas vu de date donc je demande =)
**LoOSER member club**

c'est tout simplement incroyable , cam t'es le meilleur parmi les meilleurs

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Inscrit le: 13 Jan 2009
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MessagePosté le: Sam 21 Fév - 01:47 (2009)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais) Répondre en citant

faut aussi voir que les encounter seront plus portés sur les véhicules.. mouais bof bof le RP en pve
J'ai perdu mon numéro, vous me prêtez le vôtre mademoiselle ?

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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 10:21 (2018)    Sujet du message: 3.1 sur les royaumes de test (anglais)

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